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Title Author ISBN Price  
(TWO LETHAL LIES) BY SOLOMON, ANNIE(Author)Forever[Publisher]Mass Market Paperback{Two Lethal Lies} on 01 Oct -2010    B0046EY7AU 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
A Beautiful Place to Die. Malla Nunn  Malla Nunn  0330461001 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Criminal Minds: Sociopaths, Serial Killers, and Other Deviants  Jeff Mariotte  0470636254 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Darkside. Belinda Bauer  Belinda Bauer  0593062965 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Deadly Intent (Mindhunters Series) by Kylie Brant  by Kylie Brant  B004HMTIM8 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Deeper Than the Dead by Tami Hoag  by Tami Hoag  B004H6Z0DU 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Jonathan Nasaw'sThe Boys from Santa Cruz: A Thriller (E. L. Pender) [Hardcover](2010)  J., (Author) Nasaw  B0041CSXKW 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Lis Wiehl,April Henry'sHand of Fate (Triple Threat Series #2) [Hardcover](2010)  L., (Author),Henry,A., (Author) Wiehl  B0048IOJTI 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Shattered. Karen Robards  Karen Robards  0340978791 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Tasting Fear  Shannon McKenna  B002VPE8B4 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
The Bone House. Brian Freeman  Freeman, Brian Freeman  0755348788 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
The Bricklayer  Noah Boyd  0062068571 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
The Disappearance by Bentley Little  by Bentley Little  B004HMUQWY 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Untitled Tania Carver  Tania Carver  1847442927 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Without Mercy  Lisa Jackson  0758225644 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
[Blacklands][Bauer, Belinda][Hardcover]    0593062949 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
[EIGHT DAYS TO LIVE]Eight Days to Live By Johansen, Iris(Author)Mass Market paperback On 21 Sep 2010)    B004DYVBIO 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
[SHAMELESS BY Robards, Karen(Author)]Shameless[Mass Market Paperback]2011    B004PTGEBQ 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
[VELOCITY]Velocity By Jacobson, Alan(Author)Hardcover On 05 Oct 2010)  Alan Jacobson  B00499DX8E 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
{And Then There Was One}AND THEN THERE WAS ONE BY GUSSIN, PATRICIA[Hardcover]on 04 Oct -2010    B0046EVXBG 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
{INDEFENSIBLE} BY Callow, Pamela (Author )Indefensible(Mass Market paperback)  Pamela Callow  B004HJC2VU 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
{ONE WRONG STEP} BY Griffin, Laura (Author )One Wrong Step(Mass Market paperback)  Laura Griffin  B004HJDHPA 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon

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