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Title Author ISBN Price  
1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die    0789313707 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
101 Dartmoor Letterboxes  John Hayward, Anne Swinscow  0950911437 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
A Glimpse of Dartmoor's Ponies  Belinda Whitworth  1872640249 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
A Hundred Years on Dartmoor  William Crossing  0861147995 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
A Walk Across England: A Walk of 382 Miles in 11 Days from the West Coast to the East Coast of England  Richard Long  0500279764 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
About Dartmoor Prison  Trevor James  1898964467 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
America's Most Hated Woman: The Life And Gruesome Death Of Madalyn Murray O'Hair  Ann Rowe Seaman  0826416446 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
An Elegant Madness: High Society in Regency England  Venetia Murray  067088328X 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
An Elegant Madness: High Society in Regency England  Venetia Murray  0140282963 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
An Island to Oneself  Tom Neale  0918024765 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Ancient Dartmoor  Paul White  1899383220 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Ashburton: The Dartmoor town  Francis Pilkington  0950630500 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
C.G. Jung and Hermann Hesse  Miguel Serrano  3856305580 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Caverns of Magic  Hal Colebatch, Harry Butler  1877275018 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Children of the Mist  Eden Phillpotts  140691195X 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Christowell. A Dartmoor Tale: Volume 1  Richard Doddridge Blackmore  1402169345 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Christowell. A Dartmoor Tale: Volume 2  Richard Doddridge Blackmore  1402169337 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Christowell: A Dartmoor Tale, Set  R. D. Blackmore  0404617832 5.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Conquistadors of the Useless  Lionel Terray  1898573387 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Conquistadors of the Useless: From the Alps to Annapurna  Lionel Terray  0898867789 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Curious Myths of the Middle Ages  Sabine Baring-Gould  160206797X 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Curious New England: The Unconventional Traveler's Guide to Eccentric Destinations  Joseph E. Citro, Diane E. Foulds  1584653590 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dan Eldon: The Art of Life  Jennifer New  0811829553 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dark Shadows Falling  Joe Simpson  0898865905 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dark Shadows Falling  Joe Simpson  0898865492 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dark Shadows Falling  Joe Simpson  0099756110 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor  R.Hansford Worth  0715351486 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor (Archive Photographs: Images of England)  Tom Greeves  0752431463 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor 365  John Hayward  0951403729 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor Atlas of Antiquities  Jeremy Butler  0861149106 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor Boundary Stones  David Brewer, Kath Brewer  1841141720 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor Christmas  Simon Butler  1841140988 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor Forest Farms  Elisabeth Stanbrook  0861148878 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor Legends  Eva , C. Roberts  1846641098 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor Puzzler: A Quiz and Puzzle Book for All    1898964246 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor Stone  Stephen Woods  0861148436 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor Themes: A Walker's Guide  J. H. Powell  1852239158 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor Walks (Pathfinder Guides)  Jarrold Publishing  0711705151 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dartmoor's Early Historic and Mediaeval Remains  William Crossing  1870083156 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Dead Lucky: life After Death of Mount Everest  Lincoln Hall  1741664616 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
DEVON  S. Baring-Gould  0907746225 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Don't Forget the Duct Tape: Tips and Tricks for Repairing Outdoor Gear (Don't)  Kristin Hostetter  0898869064 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Drawing From Life: The Journal as Art  Jennifer New  1568984456 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Eh:Book of Dartmoor (English Heritage)  Sandy Gerrard  0713475889 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Everyday Life in Victorian Times (Peoples of the Past)  E.R. Chamberlin  0750014679 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Excessively Diverted: The Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice  Juliette Shapiro  1589392647 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Exploration Fawcett  Percy Fawcett  1842124684 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Family Names and Their Story  Sabine Baring-Gould  0766182444 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Folklore and Legends of Dartmoor  William Crossing, Brian Le Messurier  095272975X 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
From Lambton to Longbourn: A Pride & Prejudice Variation  Abigail Reynolds  0615148247 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Ghost Towns And Other Quirky Places in the New Jersey Pine Barrens  Barbara Solem-Stull  093754860X 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Half My Life, the Story of Sabine Baring-Gould and Grace  Keith Lister  1903833280 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Heart of Home: People, Wildlife, Place  Ted Kerasote  1592280943 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Heart of Home:: People, Wildlife, Place  Ted Kerasote  0679450122 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
High Dartmoor: Land and People  Eric Hemery  0709188595 7.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Immediate Family    0893815233 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Impulse & Initiative: A Pride & Prejudice Variation  Abigail Reynolds  0615147496 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Iron in the Pines: The Story of New Jersey's Ghost Towns and Bog Iron  Arthur D. Pierce  0813505143 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Iron in the Pines: The Story of New Jersey's Ghost Towns and Bog Iron    0813501547 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Jane Austen's Guide to Good Manners: Compliments, Charades & Horrible Blunders  Josephine Ross  159691274X 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Jane Austen: The Parson's Daughter  Irene Collins  1852855622 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Jersey Genesis: The Story of the Mullica River  Henry Charlton Beck  0813510155 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Jerseyana: The Underside of New Jersey History  Marc Mappen  0813518199 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Learned Pigs and Fireproof Women  Ricky Jay  0446385905 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Legendary Connecticut: Traditional Tales from the Nutmeg State  David E. Philips  1880684055 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Levels of the Game  John McPhee  0374515263 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Mary I: The History of an Unhappy Tudor Queen  Freda Roll  0135590965 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Memory 101 for Educators  Marilee B. Sprenger  1412927730 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Mouse In The Rat Pack: The Joey Bishop Story  Michael Seth Starr  0878332774 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
New England Gardener's Guide  Jacqueline Heriteau, Holly Hunter Stonehill  1930604491 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Now the Day Is Over: The Life and Times of Sabine Baring-Gould 1834-1924  Harold Kirk-Smith  0902662600 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
On Ice and Snow and Rock  Gaston Rebuffat  0195191498 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
On The Trail of Marco Polo: Along the Silk Road By Bicycle  Brady Fotheringham  1552782530 1.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
Pemberley Manor  Kathryn L. Nelson  1905016123 2.0pt LibraryThing | Amazon
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