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Motherguilt:: How Our Culture Blames Mothers for What's Wrong wi 2.0pt
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Owner: Lovetoread2 (Details)
Community Investment: 44.4pt
Books total: 56
Country: United States

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Author: Diane Eyer
Number of pages: 317
Publication Date: 1996-04-23
ISBN: 0812924169
Binding: Hardcover
Description: Mothers--working, welfare, single, teen, or any combination thereof--get most of the blame for imperfect children and unraveling families. This firebrand book dismantles the bias of social scientists, parenting experts, and the media who blame today's mothers for all of society's problems caused by our disintegrating families, naming instead the true culprit: America's abysmal child-care system.

Owner Comments:


Condition: Excellent
Tags: Non Fiction
This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 21 January, 2007.

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