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Country: United States

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Author: Patti Roberts
Number of pages: 171
Publication Date: 1985-06-01
ISBN: 0515082511
Binding: Paperback
Description: Patti Roberts was married to the son of Oral Roberts, America's most famous television evangelist. Patti and her husband, Richard, were featured on every TV special, often with their two beautiful daughers, sharing their supposedly perfect happiness with everyone. They were the golden couple, the storybook marriage held up before millions as the example to be followed. Imagine the heartbreak, the shame and the sorrow when it all came tumbling down-when she and Richard had to face the truth that their marriage, like so many others in America today, had failed. In this honest, moving and inspiring story, Patti Roberts tells how she found the strength to forgive her husband (and herself!), build a new life for her daughters, and come through it all without bitterness and with her faith strengthened. It is a triumphant story every American can learn from...and which every husband and wife should read.

Owner Comments:

Good for its age. Top front corner snipped off. Bend on lower front. A few very faint rumples. Faintly yellowing. Yellow spot on 1st page, gift inscription on 2nd page.

Condition: Good
Tags: marriage, Christian books
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 13 February, 2012.

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