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Author: Danielle Steel
Number of pages: 448
Publication Date: 1984-11-01
ISBN: 0440111811
Binding: Paperback
Description: Top TV anchorwoman Melanie Adams had given up on love after a failed marriage and an unhappy affair. With her two teenage children and her television news career, she had no room in her life for a man. Then she met famous heart surgeon Peter Hallam, a widower with three children of his own. Suddenly Melanie was experiencing feelings she thought were gone forever. But two families (one in New York and one in Los Angeles), two exciting careers, and two strong-willed people were too much to handle. And Melanie faced a painful choice between her glamorous life in the public eye, her private life, the needs of her family, and the new family she took on. Changes lead each of them to new places, new problems, new people, and the new life they begin.

Owner Comments:

All my books are used but in good reading condition with minor spine creasing, some creases on the covers and tight pages unless otherwise noted. Some books have store stickers on the front or back covers. Yellowing pages are expected in older books but I will note it in my book condition if it is really noticeable. Since I buy most of them used some of them do have book store stamps or names written on the front pages but nothing that affects the readability of the books. Any defects beyond those above I will make note of. If you have a question about a specific book let me know and I will be happy to answer it. If you receive a book that has problems I haven’t noted let me know before leaving feedback and I will certainly try to make amends. With 100’s of books it is not possible to inspect each one page by page so occasionally something may slip by me.

Condition: (Not Set)
Tags: Romance
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 22 May, 2009.

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