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Rogue Wave: And Other Red-Blooded Sea Stories (An Avon Flare Book) 1.0pt
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Owner: kaycee (Details)
Community Investment: 26.2pt
Books total: 40
Country: United States

Will ship to: United States

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Author: Theodore Taylor
Number of pages: 208
Publication Date: 1998-04-01
ISBN: 0380729385
Binding: Paperback
Description: ROGUE WAVE AND OTHER RED-BLOODED SEA STORIES Tossed in the thundering waters of a killer wave, Melissa fights for her life, trapped in the hull of an upside-down boat. . . Michael seeks revenge after his father's brutal death in the jaws of a great white shark. . . Blinded by his own blood, navy pilot Jack Grimes attempts to defy death by landing on an aircraft carrier. . . An apprentice seaman aboard an American freighter is plunged into the cold sea. The suck of the hull draws him cruelly along below the waterline, knifing him on barnacles, finally releasing him into the white water wake, as his ship disappears on the horizon. . .THE SEA HAS ALWAYS BEEN A PLACE OF HIGH ADVENTURE--FASCINATING, MYSTERIOUS, DANGEROUS AND DEADLY. IN EIGHT GRIPPING TALES, AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR THEODORE TAYLOR CAPTURES THE POWERFUL DRAMA OF THE MIGHTY SEA AND THE EXCITEMENT OF THOSE WHO DARE TO CHALLENGE IT.

Owner Comments:

Eight short stories with nautical themes

Condition: Good
Tags: Thriller, adventure, Teen Fiction
This product was added to our catalog on Monday 09 March, 2009.

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