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Author: Emily Grayson
Number of pages: 304
Publication Date: 0000-00-00
ISBN: 0060013982
Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Emily Grayson, author of The Gazebo, weaves the story of a passionate love affair ignited at Oxford University in 1938殮ly to see the lovers torn apart by WWII.

England. Summer, 1938. An adventurous and beautiful young American woman arrives at Oxford University, never expecting the ways that her life栮d the entire world涩ll soon change. When Maude Latham falls in love with her married literature tutor, Stephen Kendall, she learns that the Romantic poets had it right: love is eternal. But after Stephen joins the Royal Navy and disappears, and Maude finds herself living through the war years as a trauma nurse in a hospital, she has to question everything she's been taught about both Stephen and love itself. In her latest novel, Grayson enters new territory, following two lovers through a dramatic period in history, and through a passion that is timeless.

Owner Comments:

Very Good condition

Condition: Good
Tags: fiction
This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 07 October, 2007.

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