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Design in Reading: An Introduction to Critical Reading 3.0pt
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Owner: puneet478 (Details)
Community Investment: -2.5pt
Books total: 62
Country: United States

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Author: Richmond Garrigus
Number of pages: 486
Publication Date: 1998-09-25
ISBN: 0205278981
Binding: Paperback
Description: Intended for the advanced reading course, DESIGN IN READING focuses heavily on purpose, inference, and critical reading. Its coverage of organizational patterns is second to none. After a review of the basics of critical reading--including main idea and supporting details-readers practice recognizing and mapping organizational patterns. Contextual vocabulary coverage is included throughout the book. Paragraphs and short passages used in examples and exercises are drawn from contemporary sources, as well as college textbooks from across the disciplines. The book uses pattern mapping throughout as a heuristic to help readers understand the various organizational structures that authors employ. Integrated throughout the book is instruction on higher-level critical thinking skills, such as drawing inferences, evaluating evidence, recognizing propaganda and bias, and identifying logical fallacies. For those interested in developing their reading skills.

Owner Comments:

Condition: Excellent
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 18 May, 2007.

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