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API and Tools

Firefox Wishlist Extension:

Quickly add books to your wishlist via Firefox by simply highlighting any book title, right clicking, and choosing "add to wishlist".

Install the Extension

Basic SOAP protocol:

Most WhatsOnMyBookshelf operations, such as regisering new users and books can be performed using our WSDL. If you are having difficulty, you may freely use our test page.

Add Book:

If you are simply interested in submitting a book, then use this url: http://www.whatsonmybookshelf.com/add_item.php?type=book&isbn=ISBN#HERE

Add To Wishlist:

Adding a book to a wishlist [user must be logged in or will be prompted to] can be accomplished with any of the following urls:


  • Without user confimation: http://www.whatsonmybookshelf.com/account_wishlist.php?searchIn=Amazon&add=ISBN#HERE
  • With user confirmation: http://www.whatsonmybookshelf.com/account_wishlist.php?searchIn=Amazon&isbn=ISBN#HERE

By Title

  • With user confirmation: http://www.whatsonmybookshelf.com/account_wishlist.php?searchIn=Amazon&title=BOOK%20TITLE%20HERE

Change the search criteria to either searchIn=LOC for the Library of Congress or searchIn=Amazon for Amazon.com. The default if no search paramater is passed will be Amazon.




Bookshelf Export:

All users can export their registered books for trade in various formats using the following urls:

  • For Tab Delimited: http://whatsonmybookshelf.com/api/books_export.php?user=USERNAME&format=tab_delimited
  • For XML: http://whatsonmybookshelf.com/api/books_export.php?user=USERNAME&format=xml
  • For MS Excel: http://whatsonmybookshelf.com/api/books_export.php?user=USERNAME&format=excel

Our Inventory:

A listing of the WhatsOnMyBookshelf library [updated every 5 min.] is in the form of ISBN followed by a space and a number indicating the quantity of that book available: all_inventory.txt

Users' Wishlists:

A listing of all the book on users' wishlists [updated every 5 min.] is in the same format of ISBN followed by a space and a number indicating the quantity of that book available: all_wishlists.txt

(if you are developing a application or web service that is in need of any API features not listed here, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly work with you to extend our functions.)

WhatsOnMyBookshelf Images:

Feel free to use any of the following images on your website or weblog. The zip file contains a .png and a .gif file If you need a photoshop file or any other image format please let me know.








WhatsOnMyBookshelf is a book trading community where you always own the books or textbooks you request. For each book traded, you accumulate points which can be redeemed for more books. Trade and discover new books to read!

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